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Advantages of wooden truss structures

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WoodCon advantages9 main advantages of wooden trusses in comparison with similar rafter structures, glued wooden structures, and steel structures:

1. Maximal economy of materialsTrusses need for up to 30% less timber than a traditionally constructed roof made of rafter structures.

2. More beneficial than steel structuresReplacement of steel building structures with timber trusses reduces cost allocated for the structure for at least 15%.

3. Short terms of manufacturing and supply. Parts and components of wooden structures are prefabricated timely: it saves both time and money; in addition, the period of construction becomes shorter.

4. More convenient storage on site. Smaller area of site is necessary, no storehouse or special place for carpenters, or for stocks of materials on site is needed.

5. Wide possibilities of application. Nearly unlimited architectural and structural possibilities; roofs and ceiling of the most different types and forms are admissible.

6. Fast installation. Structures are simple in transportation and installation; they can offer wide range of services and to provide maximal speed and minimisation of labour amount on site.

7. Free designing. Wooden trusses can be adjusted in different roof and wall structures in newly erected buildings, in modernisation projects, or reconstruction.

8. Large span structures. With wooden truss structures and without supports you can cover spans of up to 35 meters. Prefabricated construction elements are delivered to the site immediately. 

9. Low weight and high capacity. Structures of WoodCon SIA are characterized by their low weight at high load carrying capacity. Our engineering calculations guarantee economic use of materials and safety complying with the CE certification norms.

WoodCon advantages

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WoodCon, Ltd. is one of the few manufacturers of Prefabricated timber trusses in Latvia, whose products comply with the European standart EN 14250:2010. Read more...

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