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Latvian manufacturer proves itself in the Baltic

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Roof constructionFrameworks of the manufacturer of wooden constructions SIA WoodCon in the grand project in Lithuania. At the end of September, in Lithuania, a unique Baltic-wide and, probably, a Europe-wide wooden construction project on request of UAB ‘’Dubingiu Žirgynas’’ was created. In the village of Žalktine, an arena meant for horse racing competitions and other horse breeding events, where the roof constructions` span along the diameter is astounding – 42 meters long.

Works of this grand construction project were commenced on March 2011, while setting the roof`s construction was started on 10 September 2012. The scheme of the roof`s construction and its setting has been developed by the engineers office UAB Statybu Lyga, the building operations have been carried out by the company UAB Ramja, while the roof`s constructions have been manufactured in Latvia – at SIA WoodCon. Specific, especially for this project manufactured bulky metal profiled nails` plates have been delivered to the manufacturer of the wooden frameworks by MiTek Baltic, in designing of the roof`s constructions the software RoofCon TrussCon of the company Construction Software Center Europe belonging to MiTek Industries has been used.

As it is emphasized by the Head of Mitek Baltic Intars Dīcmanis, so impressive roof`s construction, where a framework technology with metal connecting plates is used, had never been built in the Baltic and, probably, even in the whole Europe.

In the base points, metal support elements manufactured at a special request have been set up, while in the middle part of the roof`s deck, a steel ring has been set, which diameter are three meters and its weight are 2.8 tons. Around the diameter of the roof`s deck, eight steel ropes have been stretched, which were strained after ending the works of setting the roof`s construction. Intars Dīcmanis explains that this solution is applied in order to avoid huge horizontal basic reactions.

But not only the grandiose dimensions make it unique. No less surprising are terms of construction. All roof`s construction-bearing parts have been manufactured end delivered within 15 days, but they have been set up within 17 days. One more nuance – for the construction the laminated wood was not used, but the timber of C24 strength in the thickness of 70 mm and in a standard height.

‘’The entire project was difficult and complex, but realizing it, the manufacturer as well as engineers get an unique experience’’, emphasizes Intars Dīcmanis, saying that in the realization of the project different specialist participated
- an engineer in designing frameworks, an engineer in calculation of steel resistance, an engineer in calculation of steel ropes` resistance, as well as professors of the Faculty of Construction of Vilnius Technical University. Exactly the selection of a rope cross-section caused some difficulties, as this component was so important for the realization of the project. Transportation, loading and discharge, and storage of the frameworks in the object were very complicated as well. One of the biggest problems was an access the object by transport, as the wooden frameworks necessary for creating the roof were conveyed by 27-meters long car.

Author: Pauls Beķeris

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