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Warehouse building in Adazi

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Adazi roof truss projeectWe have finished to manufacture timber truss frames for warehouse building in Adazi, Latvia.  Warehouse total useful floor area will be 1140 m², but roof area – 1209 m².  At the moment this project has a largest roof timber truss span without extra support points in the middle in Baltics – 28 m. Height of the truss  - 4,72 m.  Load bearing walls is mafe of laminated columns (GL24h - 230x350).

Such a constructive solution are designed to raise maximum use of interior height. The truss can be designed and manufactured up to 35 m without extra support points in the middle. Timber truss transportation is divided into three  parts, which are interconnected on-site in accordance with the drawings, using a perforated plate and special anchor type nails.  

Such a constructive assembly can be produced in 15 working days. Price for this warehouse project: 35968 EUR.

Take a look on some drawings of this project:  Adazi truss frame project



+1 #3 Intars 2012-04-16 08:48
This trussis is very impresive. I would suggest engineers to think about using timber trussis more insted of steel. Much cheaper much lighter and much faster to install.
-1 #2 Elizabeth 2012-04-12 13:04
Just a little bit bigger than a car:)
+1 #1 Woodcon 2012-04-12 10:11
Here you can see how big is the truss compared to the car:

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